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Gunnar Rosenow - Ostsehpic Sportfotografie

Mathias Genkel

Name: Mathias Genkel
Year of birth: 1984
Profession: Teacher
Disciplines: Wave & Freestyle
Favourite sail: AIR
Other sponsors: Prolimit
Best results: 1st place Freestyle & German Champion Freestyle DWC 2016, German vice-champion/Freestyle 2011
Favourite spots: Heiligenhafen, Sankt-Peter-Ording, Dahmeshöved
Moves: Air-Kabi

Pic: Ostsehpic Sport Fotografi
Pic: Gunnar Rosenow – Ostsehpic Sportfotografie


My new clip ”FEEL“ is three minutes long. It’s better to watch it with the music on.

I want to say thank you🙏to the people who are there for me. You know who you are.

Music is by Carbon Based Lifeforms

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