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Video: « Croisés », opus 2021, about Next Memories.


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Once again, the Fournier family has returned to the greek islands for summer pilgrimage. Always a good harvest of sessions throughout the day, all along the trip. Long live the sun! To cross some more new dreams with some tricks.

« Croisés » , storyboard:
(in french language « croisés » means  crusaders, meet, mixed, mix, metis, vessel, navigate, cross, across, crossed,….) « Variation around next memories… Seems​ we always write the same story. 

Looking into the sun. I come from countryside, between seas and mountains, at crossroad of continental waters and sea lands.  Water came from mountain, crossed sea and sky, stranded on the island…it went back to Aegean, mixed… 

Looking into the sun,
and Ali’s fish, grilled with Georgios‘ olive… ? from Tristomo ? from Anatolia ? from what sun does it come? Again we travel, for few nautic miles, between the B83 four places cabin and 4* saloon of the Prevelis, the vessel driving ​you to some next memories. »

Music by – Thlylacine, Anatolia