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Lisa Kloster

Name: Lisa Kloster
Year of birth: 1999
Profession: Student of Geography
Disciplines: Freestyle
Favorite sail:  AIR 4.0
Other sponsors: mb-boards, Xcel Wetsuits, Makani Boardshorts
Best results: 1 st German Freestyle Battles overall 2018 & 2019, 4th EFPT 2019
Favourite spots:  Leucate, Büsum Priel, devils bay (Karpathos), Bolonia 

Pic: Didier Crouzel
Pic: Nicolas Hess Photography
Pic: Nicolas Hess Photography
Pic: Didier Crouzel

And how flexible are your knees?😂

I think mine hate me now after completely destroying myself with the last sessions 😝😅🔥 but mainly the bump and jump ones

🎥 @julianhoh

#windsurf #freestyle #campo

Another day at windy Brandvlei, escaping foggy cape town🗻🌱🌊

🎥🎬 @bluemaarten thanksss😊

@sailloft @mb_boards @xcelwetsuits_germany @xceleurope @surfbent.windsurfing @saltyheads @wavehawaii_com

#windsurf #brandvlei #southaftrica

Eventhough this gusty choppy 40+kn crash session was a bit of a fight, I had lots of fun🤘😁

🎥 @georgegrisley @bluemaarten

@sailloft @mb_boards @surfbent.windsurfing @xcelwetsuits_germany
#crash #windsurf #rietvlei

Lil Shaka from my first session at Brandvlei🔥🔥🔥
As it was very hot, it was a hugeeee contrast to my last session in europe❄️❄️

🚁🎥🎬 @bluemaarten

#windsurf #windsurfgirls

Thanks for translating @maaikehuvermann ❤️
This is actually my first double funnel on camera😍🫣 filmed on the 29th it was just in time to submit it to the @freestyleprotour awards☑️

Filmed by @seanb94 who braved the cold🙌 thanksssss!
#windsurf #brouwersdam

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