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Loft Stories – Sail development


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As you might have already noticed we had a few workshops in our loft in February. Due to the great interest we decided to record the most frequently asked question: ‚how is a windsurf sail made?‘ in a video.

In the ‚Loft Stories‘ we show you how we produce our prototypes before they go into series production. By the way, we have more than 30 years of experience in building windsurfing sails and are proud to be able to offer sails in series for 20 years. To better understand the video there is a short explanation of the shown processes:

I. CAD Design / Transfer / Cutting

First of all the sails are digitally designed in a CAD program. Then the files are transferred to the material with the help of a plotter and cut out.

II. Taping

After all parts have been cut out, they are now taped together. Here the first profile of the sail is already created (this can be seen in this video: / 0:42)

III. Stitching

Finally a zigzag seam is sewn over the tape strips. In this way, the taped areas are logically reinforced and prevent a borrowing.

These are, in a nutshell, the three most important elements of prototype development. Most time is spent developing on the computer, every part, no matter how small, must be adapted to the specific sizes of each sail. There are programs that can calculate this theoretically, but they have certain limitations and therefore do not meet our requirements. That’s why we develop all prototypes ourselves in Hamburg/Germany and then bring the 100% developed sail to Sri Lanka for production. To make sure that our sails are really produced as we want them to be we are in constant contact with the production company and check the sails for their correctness.

We hope you enjoy the little insight into our loft and help you get through the difficult time…

Olaf & Gerrit