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Dany Bruch – new chapter with Sailloft Hamburg

Big news today, we are really proud to welcome Dany Bruch to our Sailloft team.

Dany is a big name in the sport of windsurfing and a great character. Despite the fact of being an outstanding sailor he built up his own board label over last years.

Dany: I am very excited to be able to announce the start of a new professional stage with Sailloft Hamburg. Grateful for the trust they placed in me, giving me the opportunity to continue growing as a windsurfer and to give back to the sport, what I have learned about testing and sail development, to make shine even more, this great brand. Meeting the team recently, made me realize that this is just the start, of a long therm relationship. A German passion driven brand, with 27 years of dedication, is well reflected in the quality of their product. Joining our forces, knowledge and experience, will reflect on both of our products, to bring to the windsurfing world, the most fun toys to enjoy in the water

The sponsorship of Dany, is “just” the start of a serial amount of news and surprises that are about to come, so stay tuned to our social networks and discover more details of this new adventure real soon.

All pics: Oliver Maier Photography