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Danish Open

Good weekend for the Sailloft riders at the first leg of the Danish Open 2021. Mathias Genkel won the freestyle competition and scored a top 10 result in waves.

In the ladies Caro Weber took a second place home.
More pictures will follow this week. 

Freestyle Men results

  1. Mathias Genkel
  2. Rasmus Øgelund
  3. Mads BjØrna Nielsen
  4. Mikkel Lambaek SØrensen

Wave Women results

  1. Maria Behrens
  2. Caro Weber
  3. Maike Lang
  4. Line Bang Wittrup

Well done!
Actionpics and one Portraitshot by I LOST A WAVE IN ’79

Mathias Genkel
Mathias Genkel
Simon Thule
Caro Weber – Podium