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Nascimo Fournier

Name: Nascimo Fournier
Year of birth: 2001
Profession: Student in mathematics
Disciplines: Freestyle
Favorite sail: Air 4.4
Other sponsors: Mb-boards and fins, Enemii, SolaWetsuits
Best results: 2022 EFPT, 2020 1st French HexagoneFreestyleVirtualContest (overall men), 2018 2nd youth French HexagoneFreestyleNationalChampionship, 2017 2nd youth FrenchSlalomNationalChampionship, 2017-2016 EFPT
Favourite spots: Karpathos
Moves: skopus, burners, …

Pic: Marinus Dobler
Pic: Marinus Dobler
Pic: Marinus Dobler
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