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Frithjof Blaasch

Name: Frithjof Blaasch
Year of birth: 1990
Profession: Student of social work
Disciplines: Wave
Favourite sail: Quad 4.4m²
Other Sponsors: Windflüchter Surfboards, Prolimit, Consilium Clothing
Best result: 2nd GWA Kühlungsborn 2015 (Wave)
Favourite spots: Brasilien/Baltic sea, Haakgat, Cold Hawaii
Moves: Tweaked Pushloop, Backloop

Pic: Steffi Wahl
Pic: Steffi Wahl
Pic: Steffi Wahl
Pic: Steffi Wahl
7 days of windsurfing in a row 💥// thanks @dominik.roeckl 📸// @windfluechter_surfboards @sailloft @prolimithq @consilium_clothing // #ostsee #windsurfing #ice #winter #coldwater #icefreestyle #balticsea #3/4rudel #rudel
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