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Pic: Chris Hafer Photography

Florian Söhnchen

Name: Florian „Flo“ Söhnchen
Year of birth: 1978
Profession: Projekt Management
Disciplines: Wave & Freestyle
Favourite sail: Quad 4.0m² & 4.4m²
Other sponsors: Patrik, ProLimit, Elkline Hamburg
Best results: A few 5th places in the RedBull BigDays Event (2008) and in German national competitions (DWC)
Favourite spots: Weißenhaus, Klitmoller Pozo and Western Australia
Moves: Back- and Pushloops, and still training my freestyle skills (training new tricks to old dogs…)

Pic: Valerie Luther
Pic: Valerie Luther
Pic: Chris Hafer Photography
Pic: Chris Hafer Photography

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