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Henning von Jagow, @hanok_upnorth

Alexander Neubert

Name: Alexander Neubert
Year of birth: 1994
Profession: Control systems engineer
Disciplines: Slalom, Foil, Freestyle, Wave Favourite sail: Sailloft Ultimate 6.6
Best results:
3. place overall annual ranking german windsurf cup 2018, 2. place wave annual ranking german windsurf cup 2018, 4. place slalom Multivan Windsurfcup Zinnowitz 2021
Favourite spot:
Moves: Frontloop, Backloop, Shaka, Flaka, Spock, Laydown Jibe

Pic: Nicole Riederer/Lightnic, @lightnic_photography
Pic: @phillabout – Philipp Grosse
Pic: Henning von Jagow, @hanok_upnorth
Pic: Nicole Riederer/Lightnic, @lightnic_photography

Enjoying my new Sailloft Ultimate 8.2 to the fullest. The handling matches the 7.8 qm but offers the power of the 8.6 qm. So easy to sail and compatible with the large and medium slalom board. The wind range is just amazing. Keep the fingers crossed for some good racing this year.

Thanks @sailloft for such an amazing sail.


4th place at the wave single elimination of the white sands festival Norderney! Super happy 🙂 #sailloft#patrik#xcel#bigwave
pic by GmbH/Cw

#kiel#sonne ...

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