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Sailloft is the only sail brand on the German market that has a sail loft in Germany. We not only build the prototypes there but also do professional repairs.

With our repair service we have rescued a few surf days already and we are planing to keep it that way.

With ample experience as a sailmaker we can guarantee you a first class repair. In our sail loft all the materials are readily available: monofilm, X-ply and cloth. Pick up and delivery is done with UPS and costs are settled with the customer. The repair will be done within 48 hrs. upon arrival. Specialty repairs that are not listed in the attached list are always available upon request. 36 Euro / hour is the base rate.

All warranty is only applicable to the area that has been repaired. The attached pricelist are estimates and the actual cost may vary. An exact price can be given on the telephone once we can look at the sail. Sails with a large amount of sand will get charged 20 Euro cleaning fee.

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