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  • Photo: Maleenh photography / Rider: Adrian Beholz
  • Photo: Dominik Röckl / Rider: Frithjof Blaasch
  • Photo: Steffi Wahl / Rider: Mathias Genkel
  • Photo: Steffi Wahl / Rider: Dominik Röckl

QUAD 2020 Wave

    If the 2019 quad was the waviest quad ever, we went one better for 2020.

    The further development of our wave sail was consistently continued.

    Shorter luff, longer boom, deeper clew.

    These are the main features of the new QUAD. Each sail size has been specially adapted according to the wind application.

    The smaller the sails, the greater the changes. The top of the new outline is even slimmer. This makes the ratio of the sail significantly more compact. The sail pressure point is thus placed further down. This gives full control when jumping, riding waves and all moves. A longer boom with a shortened luff of the small sails increases the controllability when it gets rough. The lower clew position increases the area of ​​the sail above the boom. This increases the twist of the sail in gusts.

    Result: a fantastic wind range – with just one trim. The revised batten set-up effectively supports the excellent controllability of the 2020 QUAD.

    Power for jumping and for powerful bottom turns. Perfectly balanced on-off for smooth cutbacks and fluid moves. The new quad offers everything a waver heart desires.

    Adrian Beholz - Quad
    Photo: Maleenh photography
    Adrian Beholz - Quad
    Photo: Maleenh photography
    Adrian Beholz - Quad
    Photo: Maleenh photography
    Claudius - Quad
    Photo: Caro Weber
    Steffi Wahl - Quad
    Frithjof Blaasch - Quad
    Steffi Wahl
    Photo: Dominik Röckl
    Mathias Genkel
    Photo: Steffi Wahl

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