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At the turn of the millennium a new era began for Sailloft Hamburg. During our early days we were a small loft that made custom windsurf sails and in 2000 we started our first series with 2 sail lines. Since that time we are approaching our 18th sail generation and are producing 8 sail lines with more than 50 different models. A small series is now yesterday’s news.

Today Sailloft Hamburg is an established sail brand, that produces High Tech sails sold in Europe and all over the world. At the beginning every pattern was hand made whereas now we use professional CAD programs. The data get sent to the production facility in Sri Lanka, where it is cut accurately to tenth millimetre precision.

Sailloft Hamburg has become one of the most innovative sail brands in the world. A technology leader, the creator of the Sailloft TRACTION, the first lightwind sail in production as well as the ultra-light Sailloft BIONIC construction style.

Since 2008 we develop and distribute masts – Quality products made by Sailloft Hamburg. Our latest project is a race sail that is currently being developed.

Windsurfing is one of the best and most exciting sports in the world. It is our passion and our goal to develop and produce the highest quality sails today and in the future.


In the windsurfing community Sailloft sails are known for their excellent quality and durability, – appreciated by hobby surfers and pros who are used to pushing sails to their limits and sometimes beyond in extreme wave conditions. The only way to build sails is perfection.

We do our own extensive tests for every new component or change. This way Sailloft sails are sails made by surfers for surfers.

The excellent mast compatibility our sails have is still very important to us. We have put our minimum mast concept as a priority during development. We also go through extra efforts in order to make sure that our sails work well with other mast producers. We are of the opinion that the more sails you can use with one mast, the more you will be able to enjoy the sport.

Being a sailmaker who learnt his trade right from rock bottom, we have had an interesting time to mix the traditional essentials of sailmaking such as quality, durability, mechanical know how and combining them with innovation and vision needed for the future.

The new Sailloft sail generation demonstrates this balance in a most impressive way.


After more than 16 years, 2500 custom made sails, endless conversations with surfers of every ability and location preference, it has become clear that surfing revolves around 2 elementary priorities. Excellent planing and top handling.

At Sailloft we develop our ideas around these priorities. We try to implement these small or big changes in an optimum way. Some things don’t reveal themselves right away and are only encountered in action on the water.

Whether freestyle, wave or race windsurfing sails are introduced to the highest stress levels. In order to further perfect our development, the team tests the prototype as well as the finished pre-series sails in locations where they are going to be used. Feedback from the testers and customers gets analysed and integrated into the development each year.

For everything there is only one philosophy. Only real excellence and convincing quality can get introduced into the series. For the good of all Sailloft-Fans. It is interesting to see that Sailloft is led by two sailmakers, Gerrit and Olaf, who are of different stature: Gerrit small, Olaf stronger. „When we develop sails together that we both like then they will make 90% of our clientele happy.“ This is where our wide range of application comes into existence and therefore the customer doesn’t need so many different sizes.

When a sail is born, it is always a suspenseful time for everybody. It orginates on the CAD computer program, gets planned and then we make a prototype here in Hamburg. A lot of detailed test follow. Is the prototype perfect a pre-series sail is built in Sri Lanka which is then sent back to Germany for more detailed testing. Only then after the last tweak is the sail sent into production and eventually ready for sale.

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